Stage "Paradox Live" Tsubasa Kizu appeared at Yato Nogami Tsubasa Kizu Cast FC precedent [Tsubasa Kizu]


2021/06/25 18:00

 FC precedent 
 Reception period: June 25, 2021 (Friday) 18:00 --July 5, 2021 (Monday) 23:59 

◆ Date / Time / Theater

[Tokyo performance]

2021 September 9 (Thursday) to September 12 (Sunday) @ Shinagawa Stellar Ball

[Osaka performance]

◆ Cast

[ BAE ]

Suzakuno Allen: Hiroki Sana Tsubame Natsujun: Koji Kominami Ann Falkner: Riona Tatemichi

[The Cat's Whisker's ]

Naoaki Nishimon: Yuki Kimisawa Kouhei Kambayashi: Yuya Asato

Jujube Ryu: Noboru Horiumi Yamido Shiki: Ryu Kiyama

[ Cozmez ]

Yado Nogami Natsuki: Kizu Tsubasa Yado Nogami Natsuki: Natsuki Osaki

[Bad guys]

Yori Midoriishi: Naoki Takeshi Masakuniyoshi: Shota Kawakami Hokusai Seiki: Seiya Inagaki

Satsuki Ito: Tatsuyuki Kobayashi Reo Maruyama: Masaru Kamikoshi

* Performers are subject to change

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