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2021/08/23 19:00


The stage "Tokyo Revengers" has ended successfully.

Thank you for visiting, watching, and supporting us.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the staff, customers, cast members, and everyone involved.

Isn't it difficult in such a situation, starting from practice? I've been told many times, but I didn't give up. I'm proud of the fact that I've been pushing forward. The experience I gained in this group is my property.

The life of Tsubasa Kizu has never happened.

Knowing that, I'm glad I was alive, I'm glad I was aiming for an actor, and the two months I spent with them make me think that it's an irreplaceable and important eternal time that I want to protect.

Feelings to one person cast is from here

[Mr. Chen] Draken-kun's kindness and passionate feelings hit me directly, and I will protect you in the future. The feelings that connected me will not change.

[Ryo-kun] Mikey-kun is really charismatic, standing in front of me and inspiring people around me, learning by looking at such a back, and one day I was able to stay like Takemichi because you were there. Undoubtedly, my hero.

[Semi] I think Naoto was really difficult, I kept saying quasi all the time, it's difficult, but quasi continued to draw the way of life as Naoto on the board, I'm sorry to say unreasonable But I'm glad you were next to me. I want you to keep laughing next to me.

[Nobuki-kun] I don't really want A-kun to die. Behind the scenes, I'm glad I made friends with a nice brother, and I'm glad I was able to protect him! Thank you for always coming to help, I've been waiting for you, Ah. The best friend! Also, it's too cool

[Bishin-kun] I loved the scenes of Peyan-kun and Mikey-kun so much that I saw them even though my emotions were tattered. ,the person I really like! It was a happy time to play with me next door!

[Daichi-kun] Par-chin-kun, who inspired me with his sleeves, and the goodness of Daichi-kun's people and his passion for acting, made me realize why people around me want to get to Daichi-kun. I couldn't say it because I was embarrassed, but I really like Daichi-kun, who stands as an actor.

[Rita] One year before I promised, when the day comes when I can show my back, I will do my best to follow you. When. It came true, I'm really happy, I'm excited, I'm glad I could see Rita's growth on my side, I wish I could help, I'm definitely okay, I'm not the other one , Rita.

[Mule] Every battle with Kiyomasa is over! I was really happy to meet such a mule, so I wanted to win, I really wanted to revenge. Even when I pass each other for a moment behind the scenes, the cute mule that asks me for a goo touch, and the serious Kiyomasa on the board can only be done by the mule, because I promised to meet again.

[Shuji] It feels like a married couple who has been taken away for many years, but he said, I'm glad that Tsubasa has become a wonderful actor, and I'll just return it as it is. I'm sorry, I thought Shuji was cool. I'm really sorry. smile

[Kenta] As Nagauchi, as an action choreographer, I love the actors who are respected by the big and big, and I already love them. I will never forget, when I changed the Shinkansen on the way back from Osaka to call it [Kenta-san] from [Nitta-san], with a big smile, eh? !! lie! He said I'm happy 😆, and I love both such kind Kenta and cool Kenta!

[Tsuka-san] This time, the oldest member of the group, the strongest, and the action, but the attitude toward people is really respected! I also love acting, and when I'm talking to Tsuka-san, I can naturally smile and it's a source of my heart!

[Mikami-kun] met a few years ago, still the days of my teens, to was glad to obediently also can join us, I thought I want you to see, finally, it was good really Tsubasa-kun! I'm so happy! I love you already!

[Ayumu] Actually, thank you for being close to the dummy martial arts. As you may not know, this is a crybaby. We laughed together, cried, and seriously bumped into each other on the board, why were we crying! Tsubasa will cry if you say that ... ! It's cute and the best.

[Shun-kun] I know he's a really hot guy and he loves acting! It looks cool at first glance, but I'll never forget it, the face that clenched my teeth when I was enthusiastic. What the hell is that! really like.

[Hoda-chan] I talked a lot about Akaishi, I talked a lot at the rehearsal hall, and I already knew that he was the hottest man! There's an episode that I thought was the best, just before the show, when I was waiting in my sleeve, I said to me, "I'm on the stage right now, isn't it too fun? It's been fun and laughing." Cool, you.

[Tecchan] Yamagishi! Look! Love love with chicks! !!

[Matsudaira] Makoto was messing around with his penis!

[Fumito] Takuya, please change your name to Takuya because it suits you too well.

* I'm glad that everyone in Mizonaka was by my side, came to help me, and I wanted friends like you when I was in junior high school! !! Please stay with me forever! !! You guys! !! !! The best friend! Nothing else! With the utmost love, Hoacha! !!

[Date-chan] He continued to convey his passion for the play on the board. The dexterous and clumsy thing was like me, and I was with him, talking and thinking that I wanted to do more. .. Such, Date-chan is the best brother who is watching the surroundings closely!

[Yusuke] Manager of rental video shop, manager! I'll take a break! I'm sorry I'm always involved with the store manager behind the scenes, but I love Yusuke's personality and passionate heart! The cast was decided at the last minute this time, but I'm really glad that I was Yusuke! Thank you for meeting!

[Staff] Thank you very much for your hard work, the strongest people supported me, encouraged me to death behind the scenes, laughed and cried together, sweated, and thank you for a moment. I have never forgotten. Create our time! Thank you for believing in the word and following me and becoming a legend together. Hopefully, I will continue to be an inexperienced person, but I would be grateful if you could support me. Thank you very much for always.


[Koto-chan] You are really amazing, I was able to stand up many times because of your existence, first of all, thank you. At the young age of 19 , all the seats were men, and I was worried and scared, but even so, they pushed us back and thank you very much for arriving. I respect you from the bottom of my heart. I sincerely hope that you will play an active role in this wide world, and I've been watching it for a long time. The customers, staff, and cast who saw them living as chicks all love you. As Tachibana Hinata and Hanase Kotone, sometimes childish, sometimes adult, the courage to go to the play, the moment when he gently wrapped me up with the strength to live in the present, I will never forget that moment, Takemichi's lover I was wondering if I was the only one in the future, but I regret it, I couldn't wipe the tears of the chicks, and I was alive as Takemichi, so I was embarrassed and couldn't take a step. If I was crying, I had to be a man strong enough to hug me, so let me revenge again, saying it's not the end, it's the beginning.

The actor Kotone Hanase was really good at chicks.

I love you and I love you.

That's my feeling.

And to our customers

Thank you very much for your courage and determination to visit the theater.

Thank you to everyone who put up with it and refrained from doing so and delivered power from the other side of the screen.

I was really saved, in the words of the martial arts that I said in the play, "There is nothing wasted." That's it. Let's make a promise for the future, we will definitely live and meet again.

But it will continue, right? Can't you continue? I don't know.

You can meet again. Absolutely, I haven't been able to revenge yet!

I believe we can meet in the future!

So until then, please smile, enjoy your days, and meet again on the board.

The revenge betting our lives will continue

Our time has just begun.

That's right, martial arts.

Stage "Tokyo Revengers" as Hanagaki Martial Arts   Kizu Tsubasa

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